Do It for the ‘Gram

Originally written for Aborigen’s quarterly Size Riot contest: GrowthJuly 2018


Her name was Elzare, and it rhymed with “star.”  She was not in the sky (yet), but she was the right temperature, and glowed in the dark with the severe pop of her melanin.  Not even 22, and it was a matter of frequent speculation among friends, family, and onlookers wherever she happened to flaunt her body’s ample blessings which modeling agency or fashion line would be likewise blessed once she graduated with her bachelor’s.

“They are all gonna be begging me after tonight,” Elzare said through the closed door of her bedroom.  “You gon’ be famous, too.”

“How?” asked Sade Robeson.  “You ain’t giving me any details.  And can I come in yet?  No way that boy’s gonna be up for Round Two tonight.”

The young man in Elzare’s bed, leaning toward the nightstand to fumble for his glasses in the fluorescent luminosity of her bedroom in the 4×4, frowned.

“I could if I wanted—”

“If I wanted to, Diego,” Elzare said, patting him on the head.  She was sitting upright on the other side of the bed, eagerly tapping away on her phone, putting the last details of her personal information into the app he had designed with and for her.  “I’m so fucking ready to launch this.”

Sade knocked.  “Can I see this magic app yet?”

Elzare made sure her “Ughhh” was loud enough for her friend to hear through the door before she flounced out of bed to unlock it.

Sade entered in her loose white housecoat.  Whether Elzare or Sade was more beautiful was not a matter of measurement to most people, but taste: The former with straightened hair, highlighted in scarlet, the latter’s short and natural, dyed blond; Elzare the apparent incarnation of a Nubian fertility goddess, Sade the slender Galatea of an Afrocentric Pygmalion; both reminiscent of busts of ancient royalty at home in the Valley of the Kings; Nefertiti in black.

“Girl,” Sade said, raising her eyebrows a the sight of her bestie’s bare bosom, “you gonna livestream naked or something?”

“Something,” said Elzare, shaking her chest up at Sade’s face as Sade rolled her eyes along with it.  “Won’t be naked at first.”

“What, you a cam girl now?”

“She’s a star,” said Diego.  “And she’ll be an even bigger one with Mega.”  He slipped his boxers on before sliding past his hookup’s baffled roommate to brighten the lights, bathing the three of them in shifting tides of sea-green and aquamarine and night-blue.

“Don’t you think he’s a lil’ young for you?” Sade asked Elzare, nodding toward Diego.

“I’m right here, you know,” he said, Brazilian accent rearing alongside his pitch.  “And I’m not that young; I’m a sophomore.”

“You a shrimp.”

“He’s gifted,” Elzare said, emerging from her closet with a see-through tunic and her favorite red bikini.  She wiggled into both and kissed Diego, breaking it off with a pop.  “In tech and in bed.  I left Instagram open on my phone, boo, get ready to go live.  Then start up that playlist I made on your Spotify.  Sade, c’mon, you dance with me.”

“Dancing?  I mean… ugh, fine, I’ll go live with you.  This app gon’ help me out, too, or am I just a background extra for this lil’ experiment?”

“It’s only for Elzare right now,” Diego said.  “I’d have to manually—”

“Maybe I’ll let Diego do yours later, Sade,” Elzare said, kissing her on each cheek.  She stood back from the bed with a wide stance.  Sade matched it, wondering if they were about to step for their IG followers.

“This Mega app,” Elzare continued, motioning for Diego to wait, “what it does is make you big.”

“On social media?”

“Yeah.  Which carries over into the real world.”

“True, true.”

“Gets you trending on search engines and every site you’ve got an account on, more depending on how many people are watching you when you’re live.”

“Sounds illegal as hell.”

Diego was ready to start.  “Couldn’t have made this work if I wasn’t a quantum physics/computer programming double major,” he said.

Sade’s eyebrows were having a busy night so far.  “Seriously?  Damn, I’m in regular physics.  That sounds hard.”

Elzare laughed.  “Not as hard as he’s about to be.  Go, Diego, go!”

The girls had danced together for years, and flowed together like merging rivers as soon as the beat started, slow and enticing.

“Hey, everyone!” Elzare announced to the camera, not pausing her undulations.  “This is Elzare Your Star, going live with ShadyRobes—”she indicated her partner with a hip check which was returned by Sade with a snort—“and last time I went live for y’all I was at my photo shoot in Key West back in June.  Trust me: This’ll be way bigger than a shoot.”

Sade was enjoying the sensation of her bare feet gliding over the carpet and her robe fluttering about her as she danced, when, as Sean Paul offered to keep his woman warm on the playlist, Elzare pulled her closer.

Oh, Sade thought.  We dancing like that now.  It had been a while.

Diego was nodding enthusiastically behind the phone, watching the number of followers erupt, watching Mega do its work from his computer.

And it did its work on Elzare, as, in one pneumatic swing of her hips with Sade’s, so close that the ripple passed from one ass to the other, she cupped Sade’s face in her hands and tilted it up for a lip-nibbling kiss, and the other woman was lifted off her tiptoes.

The eyes of the Internet were ablaze at the sight of Elzare’s passion and Sade’s helplessness, and the former’s tunic shredding like a wet napkin into useless, defeated scraps around her ballooning bikini.  Sade gasped and fell to the floor, looking back and forth from enraptured Diego to expanding Elzare, who never stopped moving even as her upraised arms reached the ceiling.

“Y’all knew this would happen?!” Sade said.

“Girl, I told you it made you big!” Elzare said, laughing.  She got low and shimmied to the sliding glass door in her bedroom, leading to her ground floor patio view, and beckoned for Diego and Sade to follow.

Her numbers were leaping exponentially all over the world, and so were her measurements.

She was lucky to make it through the glass before her hips grew too wide.  At 9 pm, there was still partying around the pool in the center of the apartment complex.  Plenty of AKA girls and their dates from a function earlier, which Sade and Elzare had skipped, plus melanin-deprived partiers of multiple varieties, dancing and drinking by the water.

If there weren’t so many swimmers, the water might have rippled when Elzare burst from the screen over her patio and stepped out.  Diego dove outside to catch the glorious moment of release, as the red fabric snapped away from the colossal, swaying hourglass of her form.

“Hey, errybody!” Elzare said, addressing the partiers as much as Diego.  “Feel free to film or take pictures, but don’t forget to enjoy the moment!  Lotta y’all know Elzare Catoire the Star, but with your help, this red giant’s gonna go supernova!”

“That ain’t how stars work!” Sade called up to her friend from thigh height—then knee height as dozens of phones began to film her live.

Elzare swept a well-formed foot behind Sade and kicked her into the air mid-dance.  She caught her shrieking friend in the air with practiced ease, and the crowd went wilder with whoops and cheers.


Elzare was beyond statuesque.  She looked like a statue, broad nose, almond eyes, and full lips sculpted in erotic fervor by dozens of slaves in ancient times.  She could easily hold her friend in two cupped hands, then one, like a doll.

“Enjoy the spotlight, Sade!”  Elzare peppered her with kisses, and tugged her robe off her shoulders with her teeth.  Several bystanders whistled their approval.  “I’m making a wave big enough for you to ride, too.”  She set down her friend, saw the frenzy around the pool and strode to the water, her height soaring by feet with each footfall.  “Hell, tonight I am the wave!”

She hopped into the deep end like a kiddie pool, managing to soak everyone who did not duck under a towel or one of the table umbrellas.  Elzare threw her ass back and let it crash to the cement.

“Y’all wanna see more of me?”

The crowd roared.

Elzare twerked at the pool’s edge, punctuating her words with each boom, and the great derriere sending them out like the world’s hottest fault line, larger than the last.

“Then you gotta follow my Instagram…”


“… Snapchat…”


“… Twitter…”


“… Facebook…”


“… and YouTube, and keep me the biggest star in the sky!”  Her voice could be heard from neighboring complexes, and Elzare liked her new sound.  She giggled at the feeling of her fans swarming her ass, which she jiggled at them to warn them away.  She rose, still moving to the beat of her playlist from inside her apartment, and slid back into the pool, filling it like a baby’s bathtub.  Her adoring fans leaped into the water and onto her body.  Fights broke out over her swollen crotch and mountainous breasts, frenzied grinding ensued against her increasing thiccness, and a ménage a trois ensued on her toned tummy, with the school’s Tri Delt queen bee at the receiving end of double penetration while face-down in Elzare’s navel.

“Don’t get greedy,” their new idol moaned, groping her breasts and teasing her outer lips, sending water and people sloshing all about.  She treated everyone who passed near enough her face’s upsettingly perfect features blown up past billboard size to a greeting, a kiss, and a blinding smile.  She knew most of these people, and anyone she didn’t now knew her.  “There’ll be plenty of me for the whole world if y’all stay loyal.  Talk to my girl Sade Robeson and my manager Diego for where to find me.  And subscribe to her, too, she’s a snack!”

“You’re a whole meal,” Sade whispered.  She turned to Diego, who had remained at the gates to the pool area, by the confused, aroused apartment staff, to capture the giant’s bacchanal in a master shot, and who came in his pants for the second time.  Elzare’s pheromones were moistening Sade, too, and she bit her lip, fighting the urge to mount Diego, or leap onto her best friend’s abyssal mouth.

“Will she shrink down?” she asked him, twining her fingers into his.

“Probably,” he panted, resting his phone on the gate.  He tore off his shirt, and Sade let her robe slide off her slender frame.  She liked what he’d been hiding underneath.  “But it’ll be easy enough for her to have another growth livestream when she gets tired of being tiny like us.”

“When are you gonna make me a Mega app?” she whispered to Diego.  She nibbled his ear, and eased him onto his back, on the wet cement.

“Elzare might not like—”

She silenced him with a slide onto his cock, panties and boxers roughly jerked aside.

“Me and her been besties since 4th grade,” she said.  “Take all the time you want, but this act gon’ be a duet.”

Elzare rose from the pool, a black mountain of sex dripping water and worshipers, and blew kisses to everyone, and a special wink for Sade and Diego.  The water barely reached her ankles, and she left it for the parking lot in one step that set off car alarms and cracked windows.  Her pedicured toes could crush whole men, yet she moved like a thundercloud; light, yet deadly.  Elzare the Star was trending on every possible website, as was “giant woman” and “big-ass baddie.” She hollered for the neighboring apartment complexes to join the party over the clamor of police sirens, and laughed at the thought of her bash going on until the sun rose on a new colossus for the age of the ‘Gram.


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