Marble Woman

Another successful Size Riot, a sustaining breeze from GentleApril20 wafting into our turbulent times. Enjoy the story.   Imagine Viola’s shock: A fortnight spent waiting for Iselin’s knock at the door, her hand to clasp, her pack to ease from tired shoulders, her shoulders to rub and lay a smiling head upon; and not a word, call,… Read More Marble Woman

Warm Places

Once again I put off posting my last Size Riot entry, this time for CruelJanuary 2020. It was a stretch for me, but hopefully a productive one. Maureen knew better than to tell anyone else what she knew about the little people. If Crystal wanted to have one around her that was her business. But she… Read More Warm Places


Originally written for Aborigen’s quarterly Size Riot contest: GentleApril 2019.  So far, the story I’m most proud of. She did not cross the river again until she was old enough to be the mother of the girl she was at last crossing.  She left once night became gray morning and heaved a boulder before her threshold, for… Read More Restoration


Originally written for Aborigen’s quarterly Size Riot contest: GentleApril 2018 Even for a woman of her size, her grin was unusually wide this morning. Salena said not a word as her relatively small lover parked the Land Rover in the usual spot by the sea cliffs, hopped down the rocky slope out of the smudgy… Read More Salty