Marble Woman

Another successful Size Riot, a sustaining breeze from GentleApril20 wafting into our turbulent times. Enjoy the story.   Imagine Viola’s shock: A fortnight spent waiting for Iselin’s knock at the door, her hand to clasp, her pack to ease from tired shoulders, her shoulders to rub and lay a smiling head upon; and not a word, call,… Read More Marble Woman


Originally written for Aborigen’s quarterly Size Riot contest: WritersOctober 2018 (Big Couples theme)   “Welp, folks, you’re still watching SadReax on the final night of Titans’ Royal season four, and we’ve made it to the final ten.” From inside the virtual battlescape, the 60-foot freckled avatar of SadReax, flicking $12 of customizable red-and-violet tresses from… Read More PvP